Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well we've gone from flood warnings to freeze watch in less then 24 hours. So much for fall this year. Guess we'll go straight from summer to a cold winter. Remember to bring any plants in, especially Sunday night.
Don't know how this latest change will effect the fishing yet.
A reminder to be sure and click on the breast cancer awareness button.

Friday, October 16, 2009

We're still under a flood warning until 7:53 p.m. (EST) today, but hopefully we'll see a little sunshine. Still no word on how the fish are biting. The day is young and hope springs eternal.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well we have another flood warning out until 8:04 p.m. in Floyd County. Hope everyone tries to stay dry today.
With the continued rain and few fishermen out yesterday there are still no reports of the fishing, sorry. Maybe this weekend will bring clear skies and better fishing.
A few things wanted to point out that have been added in few days to the blog.
First, there's the breast cancer awareness block. Just click on that and it will take you to the breast cancer awareness site where you can click again to help provided free mammograms. The clicking doesn't cost you anything except a few minutes of your time. There's even a place you can sign up to be reminded to click each day. Hope you check it out.
Second, there's a weather block. Even though the weather shows for New York, it can be changed for Rome or any city you liked. Just click on it and put in a zip code. With rainy days, maybe a Florida or Arizona zip might be interesting.
Third, is the fish block. You'll see all colors of fish swimming around. If you click around on the water you'll see little orange dots. That's fish food and the fish will eat. Also as you move your arrow around on the water the fish will follow it. It's kind of fun. Try it.
Well hope you enjoy the site and come back often. Tell your friends about it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fishing is still slow. Some are catching a few bream and so far that's all we've heard of.
With the cooler temperatures the hummingbirds we have at the store have left for warmer weather. This past weekend there was only a couple flying around. This was down from the 30-plus we had this summer. The past couple of days we haven't seen any flying around. They will be missed.
We'll leave one feeder up. Right now the yellow jackets seem to be loving it. The single feeder will be left for those birds traveling through on their way south and for the ones that are too weak to make the trip. Leaving up a feeder will not make them stay in the area. It's only there to feed the ones that do same because of sickness.
Watch for more rain coming.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The weather continues to hamper fishing. Forecasters say we could get up to 7 inches of rain.
In talking with some of the fishermen over the weekend, the consensus was the water temperature is the same as last year when everyone was catching fish. But, the temperature outside is different. One fisherman said he had a photo from last year where he caught a fairly good size fish and he was wearing a jacket. Didn't have to have a jacket this weekend. Maybe that's why the fish are biting yet. Just needs to get a little cooler and the rain to stop for awhile.
Didn't hear of anyone getting a deer over the weekend either. We did find a doe dead on the side of the road. Not sure if she had been shot somewhere else and made it to there before she died or if she had been hit by a car. But there were no skid marks near where she was found.
Drivers have to keep an eye out, especially this time of year, as the deer go back and forth quite a bit and they can cross in front of you in a blink of an eye.
Stay dry and take care.